Saturday, April 7, 2007

Surviving the chokehold.

A-rod scores! source: getty images

Overpaid. Overrated. Chokes in the clutch.
Alex Rodriguez has quite the reputation of never delivering what he is worth. For a man who earns 160,000 dollars just by stepping out to the field--New York Yankee fans expect the best.

On April 7th, Alex Rodriguez hit a walk-off grand slam, which means in the last out of the game he scored 4 runs--securing the win for the Yankees.In the 38 degree weather on Saturday afternoon, he was worth every single penny.

He even managed to make a little history, too. Alex Rodriguez became just one of three players to hit three walk-off grand slams since 1950. The others are Vern Stephens of the old St. Louis Browns and Cy Williams of Philadelphia -- yeah, I don't know who they are either.

"It felt awesome," Rodriguez said. "I was so excited, I felt like a fool running around the bases, like it was Little League. I just remember I almost knocked [coach Larry] Bowa over at third. I saw the fans rocking behind him. That was kind of cool."

Rodriguez felt like a fool but if he would've seen me in the stands we were both sporting the goofiest grins ever.

The main problem between Rodriguez and Yankee fans in the past is his consistency.
On Friday's game against the Orielos though- Rodriguez was caught in the chokehold at the bottom of the 8th.

"It's one of those things when you get to a point," Torre said. "When do you have to stop proving yourself? I think that's what it's all about. When you set the bar as high as his is set, people sort of expect it all the time.

At the end of the game on Saturday every error commited had become part of the past. For those few hours after the afternoon game, Alex Rodriguez could do no wrong. The next day though...that will be up to Rodriguez to decide.

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