Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alive and Governing From Bed

Governor John Corzine of New Jersey was injured in an accident on the Garden State Parkway on April 12. Injuries resulted from the accident included broken ribs, his left femur, sternum and collar bone. Richard Codey is currently the acting governor of New Jersey until further notice.

Corzine was traveling with a state trooper and aide when his black SUV hit a railing while traveling 91 miles and hour. Corzine was not wearing a seatbelt and could have avoided some of his injuries if he had. Whether or not he will be ticketed for that is yet to be determined.

The state trooper Robert Rasinski had already worked a 12-hour day driving the governor from Atlantic City to Hackensack, to his mansion in Princeton and were on their way on a 100 mile trip to Drumthwacket. This also wasn't Rasinski's first accident on the job and the blackbox in the car had suggested he had been speeding although the trooper did wear his seatbelt. Investigation on whether any laws were broken were underway.

Corzine was on a ventilator for a week which aided him to breathe after the accident and began breathing on his on on Friday April 20. Recovery and rehab is a long road that Corzine will have to deal with but his aides and workers are awaiting his return.

Other governors have ran the state from hospitals and bed including recent Californian Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who broke his femer in December of last year. Also former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean suffered a herniated disk during his administration and ran the state from his bed for three weeks.

Advances in modern technologies with blackberries, laptops and video-conferencing can make any hospital room into an information center. As long as the Governor stays in the state of New Jersey he can reign from any place he chooses. For now, Governor Corzine isn't going anywhere.

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