Friday, April 20, 2007

Say No To Estrogen.

A new study by the New England Journal of Medicine noticed a correlation between the ceasing of hormone replacement thearapy and the decling numbers in cancer. In 2005, there were 16,000 fewer cases than in 2002. This translates to: Menopausal women, please stop taking estrogen!

In 2002 there was a backlash on hormone therapy when an incrase of cancer was linked with the treatments. Eager doctors who prescribed hormone therapy before it was widely tested are now telling their patients to stop. This gives patients another validation to cease treatment.

The findings also help explain one of the biggest mysteries about breast cancer: why the number of cases rose steadily for decades. Increasing hormone use probably played a key role, along with better detection by mammography and other factors, several experts said.

Some doctors counteract this study because not enough time has passed to be completly sure and there could be other factors helping these numbers. Awareness campaigns such as October's National Breast Cancer month have also helped women detect and treat the possibilities of cancer faster than previous generations.

Whatever the case may be, these figures are hard to ignore. Get yearly mammograms and whenever going on a new medication do some research for yourself, ladies!

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